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Life is a Book Unwritten

only you hold the pen.

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Our Beliefs

We here at Crossroads of Decision in Bessemer City, North Carolina, believe that denominations prevent people from coming through the door due to their differences in ideals. We only follow the word of God, and hope to connect the dots into a coherent picture of where we are today while making people realize they need Christ in their life.

Those who need Jesus the most are those who don’t go to church. We are not casual about our faith, but we do not tie ourselves to any specific denomination. Instead, we tie ourselves to the Bible. We come as we are because that is how God told us to come.

The End of Days is Near

We want to awaken people to what is going on in the world. Our society is at a crossroads and needs to come to Christ, which means getting ourselves right with God before he gets here. There are some signs that the end of days is coming. For example, Comet Ison has destroyed parts of Mars, and though it will not hit us, we will be in the tail of it.


Our goal is to educate people on their personal relationship with Christ and how to share those views with others. We use the Bible, scriptures, proficiencies, external history, and revelations to provide useful knowledge by connecting them with current events.

Contact us in Bessemer City, North Carolina, to prepare for the end times.