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Life is a Book Unwritten

only you hold the pen.

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Enlightening Christian Literature & Radio in Bessemer City, North Carolina

You will soon be able to learn and spread the word of God to those who need it with Christian literature and radio from Crossroads of Decision of Bessemer City, North Carolina. We look to provide a thorough understanding of the word of God so others can go into the world and bring enlightenment to those who need it.


We are currently in the process of writing three books. When we’re done, they will be distributed all over the Charlotte area door-to-door so everyone has the opportunity to read the word of God.

Streaming Radio & Video

Our goal is to bring believers to a central location to not only teach them the word of God, but teach them how to spread the word as well. We look to do this by streaming radio and video programs so our solidly-built local base is able to connect all over the world. The programs will focus on current events and how they relate to Bible prophesy.


We look to connect people from all over to get involved with the ministry. Not only do we wish to meet face-to-face, but connect them to other ministries through links on our site. We will also connect people to vital information on surviving not only natural disasters, but biblical disasters as well.


Contact us in Bessemer City, North Carolina, to learn more about our enlightening Christian literature and radio.